2016 Best Penn Fishing Reels: Your Buying Guide with Trusted Reviews

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Penn fishing reels Are you looking for the best Penn fishing reel?

So you’re at the right place because we got you covered with the names of the best Penn reels in the market complete with Penn reel reviews to back them up.

Although, there are so many different fishing reels available on the market today, but Penn fishing reels are considered the best choice for anglers. The truth is that with so many reels to choose from, the task of choosing the great reels may be somewhat perplexing; especially for some less experienced anglers.

Indeed, many fishermen know that choosing a right fishing reel is a very important factor to decide their success. Since fishing has been used for the survival recreation, and to earn a living by only about every culture on the planet, the sole way to fish was either a pole or a net with a line tied to it. However, this sole way to land a fish is to only give them a big hurl and yank the fish into the shoreline or the boat.

Today, fishing reels are popularly constructed of very high-tech materials and engineered in ways to make landing and casting even the biggest fish. Many fishermen believe in selecting Penn fishing reels.

Why Should You Choose Penn Fishing Reels?

Thousands of fishermen know that Penn fishing reels came from the PENN Fishing Tackle Company that has been at the forefront of modern reel production and design. This brand claims that no matter where you fish and what you fish for, these Penn reels will perform very flawlessly at present and in the future.

Are you interested in Penn fishing reels? Have ever you experienced with these products? If so many fishing reels on the market still make you so confusing, I list 3 best Penn reels suggested by my friends, helping you choose the best one. Now, let’s start figuring them out with me.

  1. Penn Spinfisher V 4500 Spinning Reel
  2. Penn Battle BLT 4000 Spinning Reel
  3. Penn Fishing FRC 4000 Firece Spinning Reel

Top 3 Penn Fishing Reels Comparison

If you wish to make your best decision before buying Penn reels, importantly take a closer both of the advantages and disadvantages of a certain product.

I am not trying to convince you to get each of products, but if you find out one of them that is suitable and meets your requirements about fishing reel, and then let’s get it.

And below, I would like to give all of you the comparison table about 3 awesome Penn reels as well as their price.

ParametersPenn Spinfisher V 4500 Spinning ReelPenn Battle BLT 4000 Spinning ReelPenn Fishing FRC4000 Firece Spinning Reel
Price & Image
Customer Reviews45 Reviews83 Reviews9 Reviews
Amazon RatingAmazon RatingAmazon RatingAmazon Rating
Bearings5 + 16 + 14 + 1
Line Cap (LBS./YDS)10/25010/2308/280
Gear Ratio6:2:16:2:16:2:1
Weight (OZ)1412.612.5
Our ReviewRead our reviewRead our reviewRead our review
Buy On Amazon.comAmazon add to shopping cartAmazon add to shopping cartAmazon add to shopping cart

Top 3 Penn Fishing Reels Reviews

Penn Spinfisher V 4500 Spinning Reel

What I like most in this Penn fishing reel, model V4500 is that it is fully loaded with fishing-fighting components. Yes, when using this model, you can notice that it is very easy to handle drag-scorching and hard-fishing fish. Included with this Penn reel are five shielded stainless steel bearing system and infinite anti-reverse.


Additionally, are you caring about whether this reel is easy for you to adjust? Obviously, there is a unique Slammer drag, providing you very range and endless adjustment. Amazingly, this one has a durable all-metal body, rotor and side plate is also ideal for saltwater applications.

There are some benefits you will get when using this product, such as:

  • This reel is able to pull in the citation drum with a very smooth fight.
  • This one loads with 30ib braid as well as fluorocarbon leader.
  • It performs very flawlessly without any issues.

My friend like an angler is now using this reel, and he expressed that it is extremely powerful and smooth spinning reel. Even though, he has mostly used level bait casters and winding reels, but make a decision to give this reel a try. He has to say that there is nothing negative to say about this product. Definitely, it makes your fishing more effectively and successfully.

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Penn Battle BLT 4000 Spinning Reel

For those who wish to take their fishing extremely seriously, the Penn Battle BLT 4000 Spinning Reel will do for them. This Penn fishing reel is full-mental, one-piece body, and the side plate will keep the gears aligned under lots of heavy loads. Coming with this one are 6 shielded stainless steel bearings with infinite anti-reverse bearing.


You know stainless steel shaft will increase corrosion durability and protection. Also, the Superline Spool gasket will help in keeping line from slipping; getting rid of need of mono backing. Noticeably, Techno-balanced rotor will ensure you to have smooth retrieves.

There are several good things about this peen reel, but I just list some of them to below:

  • The reel casts is great and close to 150 yards as it is needed with four ounces of a chink and lead.
  • This real is very strong, quick and drag is also smooth.
  • Moreover, real speed is awesome for plugging; it is not too fast or too slow.
  • Drag is very strong and it also takes the fun out of the fight.

I know that there is not an accurate rating for a product, but you will know about its performance until buying it. This Penn fishing reel will be very interesting to see how it inshore and casts.

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Penn Fishing FRC 4000 Firece Spinning Reel

This Peen fishing reel comes with the full metal body and side plate that help keep precise gear alignment under such heavy loads. In addition, the product is machined as well anodized aluminum spool. Like two reels above, this peen offers smooth retrieves and is very easy to use.

Penn Fishing FRC 4000 Firece Spinning Reel

Penn Fishing FRC 4000 Firece Spinning Reel

Some good features about this peen reel you should consider about this product are:

  • It comes with a smooth operator.
  • This reel is very easy to use and control under heavy loads.
  • The price fits its quality without any doubt.

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How To Choose The Best Penn Fishing Reel?

With thousands of different fishing reels on the market, it is very difficult for fishermen to choose the best one among them. Someone suggests that the best way to find the best reel out is to read all reviews from customers. However, it seems to be time-consuming to many people that have little time to read. That is the reason why I give specific considerations that are very useful for you to look for a good fishing reel before deicing to buy the one.

So, what factors we should consider to choose the best reel?

  • Drag systems
  • Ball bearings
  • Gear ratio
  • Housing and frames
  • Balance and stability
  • Spools
  • Size Matters

Ok, and now it is very necessary for you to take considerations into these features that will help you choose the best reel.

Drag Systems

When purchasing a reel, you should choose either a lever drag or star drag system. With a star drag, pressure will be decreased or increased by turning the star-shaped “wheel” that is located only inside of the handle.

While star drag systems are very simple and easy to operate and fine for applications, lever drags ones will supply more consistent and smoother fish-fighting performance. Most of lever drags will let for drag tension to be adjusted in more precise increments rather than star drag systems. When there is a downside to lever drag systems, this is its price and then they will tend to be much more expensive than star drag ones.

Ball Bearings

You know conventional, spinning and bait casting models all will feature either bushings or ball bearings that are strategically placed in the reel for smoothness, stability and support. There are several spinning reels will feature a roller bearing in the line roller. As it comes to smooth durability and performance, sealed stainless steel ball bearings tend to be preferable over bushings. In general, the more ball bearings the reel has, the more smoothly it can perform. Of course, quality reels will feature at least 2 stainless steel ball bearings.

Noticeably, top of line reels often use to six ball bearings and it definitely will perform very smoothly.

Gear Ratio

Another important factor you should consider to choose the best reel is gear ratio, because it will refer to how many revolutions that the spool will make with each complete turn of a reel handle. This one will determine how quickly line is retrieved when the angler cranks the handle.

As you can see, Penn fishing reels can give differing gear ratios, which range from slow retrieves such as 2-1 or 3-1 to high speed retrieves such as 4-1 or 6-1. In fact, we understand that reels with high-speed gear ratios are always better for working lures rapidly back to the boat as well as gaining line in a hurry as a fish charges toward the boat.

Housings and Frames

Moreover, most of reel housings are often composed of either graphite or aluminum. Both of these materials include its benefits and drawbacks. Reel designed from anodized are more durable and stronger than graphite models, but they are heavier. Whereas graphite-bodied reels are corrosion resistant and light, but they do not give the same durability and strength like forged alumni reels and die-cast.

Balance and Stability

Before choosing a reel, be sure that the reel you are considering feels solid and smooth when you turn the handle. The reel should include a counterbalanced handle that will contribute to ease-of operation and use. While handle knob composition and shape are a mater of personal performance, however many anglers love the more ergonomic and soft grip knobs given by Penn manufacture. Yes, this variety of knob will let for a more secure grip, even though when wet.

The design and composition of the spool should be a consideration as you buy Pen fishing reels. Simply, but the spool is a part of fishing reel, which will hold the fishing line. Spools are made from polished graphite, cast aluminum, plastic and sometimes stainless steel. Also, spools come with various sizes and hold different lengths of line based on the test line and spool size.

Size Matters

When choosing a fishing reel, anglers had better have in their mind where they will use it. What works well on rivers and lakes will be too small for ocean fishing. Whereas, ocean rigs are very cumbersome for lakes as well as freshwater streams

As a restful, the water type is determined and then the species of fish should be determined. It is very important to know the species of fish that will be hunted when selecting the size of reel. Let’s research the fish and the waters, which are to be fished and choose the reel that is best for the situation.

Finding The Right Penn Fishing Reels On Amazon

Along with several retailers and sales for fishing reels, an enormous selection can be found out online on sites like Amazon. Have you bought anything on the Amazon? Shopping for Penn fishing reels on Amazon is very simple, easy and quick. Especially, buyers will have free shipping and buy with the best inexpensive price. Also, buying on Amazon is very popular, safe and reliable. So, if you have made a decision to choose one of the right Penn reels for you, let’s shop Amazon right now!

Have you found the best fishing reel among 3 Pen fishing reels? In my point of view, Penn Spinfisher V 4500 Spinning Reel is the best one among them because its durability, solidity, and smooth. Especially, this reel works very well without any problems, and it will help your work more successfully.

The Bottom Line

Yes, reels made from Penn are very awesome, but I give all my love for Penn Spinfisher V4500 Spinning Reel. Even 2 other products I presented work well too, I still believe that V4500 will be the best choice for anglers.

This Penn fishing reel truly works like it claims, and there is no doubt that thousands of fishermen are buying it today. What about you? Have you made your own decision? If you say “Yes”, let’s start buying it right now!

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